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Aim for Growth takes a personal approach with every client. Our philosophy centers on practical application and results, rather than mere lofty ideas. To accomplish this, we work to understand your specific situation and business environment, and then tailor solutions to meet the need, rather than offer only a “one-size-fits-all” program. There are plenty of “one-trick ponies” out there, and not enough consultants who will find innovative and practical answers to the unique situations that businesses face.  We take the time to listen and walk through potential solutions together, in order to assure that your needs are being met. 

Rebecca Chesonis will be your personal consultant.  Rebecca is an operations expert with 20 years of experience in business operations in a wide range of industries.  She specializes in strategic planning, business systems development, sales and marketing planning, data analysis and financial planning. She has worked with start ups and large, established corporations alike to create or improve supply chains and cross-functional processes that impact the bottom line. She has a knack for analyzing a business and identifying the key elements that will take that company to the next level. She expresses zeal when she is able to see business owners and employees learn new skills and gain abilities to tackle problems with fresh eyes.  

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